Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to create a positive learning environment where English language courses are designed to cater to the individual needs of our students.
We believe that courses should be delivered in a professional and friendly manner. Our lessons therefore aim to incorporate different styles of learning in a creative and fun atmosphere. Happy Days English Pre-school & Language Centre strives to create an environment where diversity and cultural differences are celebrated. We also endeavour to forge links with our local community thereby promoting the benefits of an exposure to another language.

Our History
Happy Days English Pre-school & Language Centre was founded in 2010, by Allison Power GTP, BA (HONS) ECS, SpLD.Dip, Mont.Dip.IB PYP, Cambridge Oral Examiner and Ruth Breen PGCE, BA(HONS) English, IB PYP
Both qualified and experienced teachers with the intention of providing the community with access to a creative and dynamic approach to English language learning. Since that time the school has welcomed learners of all ages and abilities in the belief that language learning is a lifelong process.